Thursday, December 31, 2015

Joey Atlas’ Symulast Cellulite Reduction Method

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Up to 90 percent of women worldwide are affected by the obnoxious condition called cellulite, which causes the skin to have areas with underlying deposits of fat.

This gives the skin a dimpled, lumpy appearance, just like the peel of an orange. The most affected area is the lower body, especially the thighs, hips and buttocks. Usually, cellulite appears after puberty and never goes away. Or does it?

Women everywhere will be happy to know that they can now kiss cellulite goodbye forever. All because of Joey Atlas’ Symulast cellulite reduction method; this promises women that their cellulite will be eliminated within 4 weeks.

Who is Joey Atlas?

Joey Atlas is a personal trainer and fitness guru with several degrees in exercise physiology. Known as “the women lower body enhancement guy”, this fitness expert has been providing women with a straightforward approach to reduce cellulite for years now. He has helped women from nearly 200 countries reduce their skin dimples. Now, he is willing to help every single woman on this planet throughout his program, Symulast.

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What is Symulast?

Symulast is an acronym for Synergistic Muscle Layer Stimulation. It all started when one of Atlas’ former college friends desperately needed help to eliminate her cellulite. She asked for Joey’s help and, after a few days, he created the basis of what would be his program nowadays. After testing it out on his friend and two other women willing to try the program, Joey saw that is was actually effective and decided to reveal it to the whole world.

The Symulast method is thoroughly presented in the e-book Truth about Cellulite, which will teach women everything they need to know about cellulite and how to successfully get rid of it. Joey Atlas himself claims that women should know why they have cellulite and what it is, what makes it worse, and which the only proven way to eliminate it is.

How does Symulast work?

Cellulite will never be eradicated by expensive medical and cosmetic treatments, because cellulite is not a condition of the skin. The “orange peel” appearance of the skin has to do with the muscle layer below the subcutaneous fat and beneath the skin surface. That is where the cellulite reduction happens. If those muscles are not stimulated, they become saggy and make room for cellulite. Muscle atrophy is therefore the underlying cause of this condition. To tackle it, Joey Atlas has come up with a series of targeted lower-body movements that can tone the muscles and make cellulite disappear.

This method doesn't cause women to build more muscle, but to tone the muscles which are not properly stimulated because of their job or lifestyle. Joey Atlas’ rare techniques involve not only the targeted body actions, but also the important components named Form, Tempo, and Sequence, which are better explained by the creator of Symulast in the e-book Truth about Cellulite.

After trying Joey Atlas’ Symulast cellulite reduction method, women will be able to forget about skin dimpling of their legs, hips, thighs and buttocks. They will be able to show off their body in short pants and sexy bathing suits, while kissing cellulite goodbye.


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